"signals from berlin"

every wednesdays from 22.00 onwards CET / Berlin Time***

to see older recorded livesession u go to cypers site here ....

!! YAYAREC 001 !!!

After a successfull mastering session in Dubplates & Mastering the laquerfoil for YAYA001 is ready

and has been sent to the pressing plant today april 23rd. the 500 copies of the vinyl will in the shop by middle

of next month. we will provide a prelistening possibility on this webside within the next day.

stay tuned.


opening hours:

Thursday till Saturday : 14.00 - 18.00 o clock

Lenbachstrasse 9, Ostkreuz

4 days a week we open our doors to public and offer:

our choice of electronic art underground ( = records )

- handcrafted silkprints and fashion (silkprints und fashion)

- exibitions and showroom






this week friday, 14th of march 2008

Vernissage @ yaya gallery

digital and painted characters

" the mystery unfolds"

by alaska - eightyone :


from 27th of 2007 in september

Exhibition at yaya`s by Damien Cox

" Orpheus "


still going....



12.07.07 vernissage at yaya ´s

from 20.30 o c´lock


K-labo group

shows Photographie und Beschallung



the K:ita sessions start now<

every wednesday elektro cafe´ from 20.00 o´ clock

bring your records / laptop / machines...


in the heart of berlin < bring your inspiration, laptop and records >



4./5./6. th of may 2007 --

Luna nera, Cyberrise sound and the Factory berlin

will lead through 3 days of
installations, performances, visuals , bands ,  accustics and last but not least humor

-- the coldstore --


hi everybody,

so after all here is the expected flyer:

The Coldstore Project, Cyberrise Sound, Luna nera and the Factory Berlin invite you for
3 days of happening, performances, installations, live Gigs, Djs and party...

Fr. 4.05.2007

from 18.00 o clock doors open for the show
from then on Exhibition, Performances, Experimental Noise Gigs
from 23.00 the industrial noise/ breaks /experimental party starts


from 18.00 o clock the doors open for the show
from then onExhibition, Performances by variouse national and international
Performance artists
from 01.00 Breaks / Tekno / Tribetek / Hardcore party

or something like this... actually you can not really frame anything and
then call it something...
    just check the flyer in the attachment for deatils
          check the art, check the party for some fun

from 15:00 o'clock films clips Performance

... at the ! Kühlhaus, Luckenwalderstr. Kreuzberg !  100 meters from U1/U2

for info check:  www.thecoldstore.org


ok, pass the news and see you there!


soon and sooner !



summer tour 2006. small comment:

what a good laugh and nice kick from life did we get this year !! take off was a little later then in the past years, but Cyberrise soundsystem was on the road by beginning of august. first destination budapest! great welcome over there, starting of with a 4 hour life radio broadcast on tilos fm - radio. thanx a lot andras, petr, raffaela and all the Hu crew. party took place in a excelent outdoor location, embedded in slight slopes just outside budapest. due to security reasons we operated without infoline but with automatic e- mail response. the e - mail was inkrypted itself, so it turned out quite difficult for most people reachin the party. we heard that few dozent people and cars were running wild in the area, not being prepared for the e - mail trick. sorry in case it was u !! from hungary on to romania: what a beautifull place apart from bucarest! especially the transylvanian mountains with crazy laughin people on donkeys in the rain will stay present and for sure micha will not forget the impact he had with a vampire hitting his windshild after some garlic was put up there. 1000 fractals and from there on no more garlic. too risky! comin down the coast in bulgaria was nice as expected. small little setups and dancin on the beach till reachin tekn. location close to turkish border. right on the cliffs of the black sea. excellent vibe, wonderfull meetings and the greek team finally joined in. afterwards a quick take off to greece, since the next party was up in salonika just 3 days after. everybody heard about the greeks, their great gifts and the awardwinning performance!! same this year: excellent team up and especially a_lina_hoover has to be mentioned for transcendent communication, doctor for spiritual backup and duffy for the fish. of course only amongst others, too many to be named. party brilliant, fat fat dancefloor, a lot of people until the morning. it really was a pleasure. other things will not be named anymore.  then a small change in plans because our party in athens had to be cancelled due to public safety. so we find ourselves, after an extended stay on the beach, in south italy. visiting some farmer friends in the trulli and then up to rome. first event in the Zero Kontrollo squat, an ex- bordell with a big dancefloor. with us is  still the monkey crew from france and the street freedom crew from israel. due to bigger organisation we postponed the second party to 7th of october. almost all alternativ groups in rome join in to organise a t.a.z. in the centre of roma, like it hasnt been done since over 9 years. trigger has been a very unpleasant moment: a close friend has been killed by knife stabs a few weeks b4, assumingly by young fascists. that´s the reason the party was only announced by "rave illegale al centro di roma", no names of sound systems and whatsoever on the flyer.... what happened was a total explosion. about 4000 people gathering for a very well organised 11 hour t.a.z.. the biggest dancefloor i have seen and for sure. the first time takin speakers down while several hundred people dance in the mornin. as soon as possible we will supply some pictures. this one was a milestone....big compliments to everybody involved. yep, and now back in the north gettin ready for the colder season and busy on some planning as always ( hehehe). see ya soon. sooner.



Fr.  17.02.2006  Vernissage and performance by Adrian Shepard 

at yaya`s



from  Sa. 07.01.2006  Exibition of  YAEL

Malerei und Installation ( + DJ sets )


for any kind of info, booking, record or sweatshirt stuff please mail to info@yaya23.net 
we hope that your travelling is reaching up to your dreams. sooner....


-- applied  synergetic kommunication ---